Wayne S. Simmons
Wayne S. Simmons

One of America's greatest assets is loose and Iran is the target.

Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press



MICHAEL MENDELSOHN'S, PATRIOT PICTURES LLC, has acquired the book rights to The Natanz Directive, and is working with the novelists, Wayne Simmons and Mark Graham, to develop into a screenplay inspired by true events, where a former operative in CIA's most clandestine division must simultaneously uncover a traitor on his side and complete his mission to stop an imminent attack on Israel. Casting is to begin fall 2016.

Mendelsohn is the Fund Manager and CEO - Entertainment and Media Portfolio at Union Patriot Capital Management, LLC. He manages Union Patriot Capital’s $250 million fund for private equity investors. Most recently, he produced and financed "USS Indianapolis," a WWII epic starring Nicolas Cage where a naval battleship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine results in a tragedy of sailors' deaths in shark-infested waters. 
Mendelsohn produced and financed "I Am Wrath" starring John Travolta; Robert Duvall’s “Wild Horses” starring Robert Duvall, James Franco, and Josh Hartnett; “I Am Michael” starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Emma Roberts; and James Franco’s “Zeroville” starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Megan Fox. He executive produced “Lord of War,” written and directed by Andrew Niccol, starring Nicolas Cage and Ethan Hawke; and the Darfur genocide documentary “Sand and Sorrow,” executive produced by Mendelsohn and George Clooney, aired by HBO. Mendelsohn has also arranged financing for such films as Beacon Pictures and Wolfgang Peterson’s “Air Force One;” Garry Marshall’s “Runaway Bride;” the Wachowski Brothers’ “The Matrix” starring Keanu Reeves; “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson; and Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs.”



"Wayne Simmons doesn't just write it. He's lived it, and that's why he and Mark Graham can tell this spy thriller in such an engrossing way."

Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense

"The Natanz Directive is a first rate international thriller. The story of the CIA operative charged with penetrating Iran to discover and disrupt its nuclear activities is ripped from the headlines. It’s compelling, non-stop pacing leaves you gasping for breath. It’s a rare book that leaves you with a sense of satisfaction at the end, but this one does." 

Harry MacLean, author of the Edgar award winning In Broad Daylight and The Past is Never Dead

The Natanz Directive is a world-class thriller with the world, in fact, hanging on the brink. Jake Conlan will remind you in flashes of Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne, perhaps with a dollop of James Bond. But Conlan’s talents are unique and he tackles this ripped-from-the-headlines global crisis with both cunning and brawn. A gripping read.”

Mark Stevens, author of Antler Dust and Buried on the Roan

“The authors bring to the page a bona fide hero and a story rich in plot and boundless energy. The story takes place in the most frightening country on earth, and yet it is the characters and how they deal with this turmoil that most capture our imagination.”

Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Deep Black

"The Natanz Directive
 is the story behind the international headline story. Wayne Simmons and Mark Graham will rivet you with a book that is high concept, high stakes, high octane, and most important for readers high reward."

Stephen White, bestselling author of Line of Fire